Arts Department

Drama at USS
ADA 1O1 Grade 9 Drama

This is an introductory level course that covers a broad range of disciplines in Dramatic Arts. We begin with an ensemble-building unit to create a safe and trusting atmosphere for easing students into performance. This is followed by movement based work such as Tableaux, Mime and actor/stage positions. Script-writing comes next, followed by improvisation and the course culminates in a performance exam of a fully rehearsed, scripted, two-person scene.


ADA 2O1 Grade 10 Drama

This course progresses from the Grade 9 Drama curriculum but no major projects are repeated – they are expanded upon instead. E.g., the final exam is the performance of a One Act play rather than a two-person Scene-study. Some of the units of study include: Vocal Interpretation, Radio Plays, Monologues from existing scripts, Improvisation, Mask-making and Ritual.

ADA 3M1 Grade 11 Drama

This is the course that progresses from Grade 10 Drama. It is much more in depth in terms of actor training and becoming real and believable on stage in performance. Several styles of acting and various time-periods will be covered. Some of the units of study include: Contemporary Monologues, Clown, Theatre of the Absurd, Melodrama and the Theatre of Realism (1890 – 1910)


ADC 3M1/4M1 Grade 11 / 12 (Split Class) Drama In the Community

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This course will focus on an ‘Actor-Showcase / Workshop production of a non-musical play. If you are interested in being a part of next year’s presentation, you need to select it on your option sheet. Auditions for specific roles will be held once a play has been chosen. This Course consists of rehearsing and performing in the cast of a of a workshop / scene-study presentation of a full length play for invited audiences of your peers and for public performances for the community in the evening. *Rehearsals for this course will be confined to in-class time but actors are expected to engage in independent, creative-process rehearsal time as well

ADA 4M1 Grade 12 Drama

This is the course that progresses from Grade 11 Drama (ADA 3M1). It is modeled on a first year University Actor training program. Some of the units of study include; Shakespeare (Monologues), Commedia D’ell Arte (improvised comic shows focusing on ‘stock’ characters) and Film and Television Acting. The course will culminate in the performance of scenes from a full-length contemporary Canadian Play

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

The Improv Club meets on Mondays at lunch in Rm #116. Come out for the chance to get up on stage or just sit in the audience with your lunch, laugh and enjoy!

N.T.S. Drama Festival (Formerly 'Sears')

The N.T.S. Drama Festival is a juried, One-Act Play Festival where High Schools have the opportunity to enter their productions at the Local, Regional and National levels of Competition. Actors and crew receive structured feedback on all aspects of performance and production and take part in creative workshops during the week of performances. Auditions for One-Act Play productions at U.S.S. usually occur in the Fall and the Festival takes place in the Spring. All rehearsals are extra-curricula - usually lunch-hour and after school.

Visual Arts
Explore the creative process and develop techniques in: drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking. Students will learn to reflect on and interpret art within a variety of context.
Explore the creative process through: Film Photography, Digital Photography, Printmaking. Critically analyse art works and their reflection of the society in which they are created.

Instrumental Music AMI 1O1/2O1/3M1/4M1 (Grade 9, 10, 11, 12)

  • If you play a brass, woodwind, or percussion instrument and enjoy performing in small and large group band settings, this course is for you! (Click box below for more info)

  • Grade 9: ANY and ALL experience levels welcome! If you haven't played a band instrument, no problem!

Vocal/Songwriting AMV 1O1/2O1/3M1/4M1 (Grade 9, 10, 11, 12)

  • If you enjoy singing and are hoping to work on your vocal technique, perform and study repertoire from your favourite artists, and learn how to write your own music, this is the course for you! (Click box below for more info)

Jazz Studies AMH 2O1/3M1/4M1 (Grade 10, 11, 12)

  • If you are an instrumentalist (all wind instruments, guitar, bass, piano, drums) or vocalist interested interested in performing in small and large jazz ensemble settings, learning improvisational techniques and the jam session experience, this is the course for you! *Prior instrumental experience will be an asset. (Click box below for more info)