Student Information

Student Handbook and Code of Conduct

Students are expected to have read and understand the school handbook.  Any questions or concerns can be directed to their assigned administrator.

 USS Student Handbook and Code of Conduct


Students may be assigned time to stay during the lunch period or before or after school. In addition to any detentions assigned by administration, any teacher has the authority to assign their own detentions. Detention(s) takes priority over other extra-curricular activities. No food is allowed in the detention room and students are expected to bring meaningful work. Regular classroom behaviour is required. Failing to serve a detention may result in a suspension. 

Missed Examinations

Absence from Examination

If a student is absent from an examination, they must prove that the absence was unavoidable. In the case of illness a doctor's statement is required stating medically unfit for exams. If necessary, the school will arrange alternate examinations for illness or family tragedy. In the case where the absence is deemed to be invalid, the exam mark shall be zero and incomplete. The report mark shall reflect its impact and the credit jeopardized.

Family Vacation

Examinations are clearly marked on the school calendar. Students are expected to write exams during these time periods. Alternate exam settings will not be arranged to accommodate family vacations, employment or other personal activities – the exceptions noted above. The school calendar is posted on the school website.

Portable Electronic Devices

The use of personal electronic devices during instructional time will be permitted under the following circumstances: 
  • For educational purposes, as directed by the educator in collaboration with administration
  • For health and medical purposes
  • To support students with special education needs

It is the practice of the Durham District School Board that the use of personal electronic devices is prohibited during the school-day on school property. A student who brings a personal electronic device to school, should turn it off and keep it out of sight. Co-curricular programs, such as field trips and after-school events, are an extension of the classroom, and the expectations for the use of personal electronic devices apply. There will be progressive school consequences leading to suspension for not adhering to this policy.   

Please note: The school cannot assume the liability for lost or stolen personal electronic devices. The school is not responsible if any of these items are lost or stolen.   Unauthorized video or audio recording on school grounds for any purpose is prohibited.  Further, the taking of photos, filming or recording, or the broadcasting of live audio and/or video, while at school or at a school related activity, is prohibited unless approved by the DDSB (or school), and/or where proper consents have been obtained, as may be appropriate.    


Regular and punctual attendance in ALL classes is vital to learning and academic success. Absenteeism and tardiness is a major cause of failure/underachievement at school. Tardiness will be recorded and addressed by the classroom teacher. Excessive tardiness will be addressed by the vice principal in consultation with parent(s) and guardians.

Smoking and Vaping

Smoking and vaping, including the smoking and vaping of cannabis and medical cannabis is prohibited by the SFOA and the School Code of Conduct within 20 metres of school property.

Any persons found in violation of the SFOA will be subject to a provincial offence fine. Students in violation of the SFOA may also be subject to progressive discipline under DDSB policies.

  • Supplying tobacco or vaping products to someone who is under 19 years of age is prohibited and could cost you $490.

  • Smoking/holding lighted tobacco and Vaping anywhere within 20 meters of the school could cost you $305.

Student Parking Policy

Students MUST apply for a parking permit in order to park on school property. Students will receive a parking tag that is to be returned at the end of the school year. Student parking is limited to the designated student parking lot (the main parking lot on the east side of the school).   The parking lot is out of bounds during class time. Students are not allowed to sit in parked vehicles during spare periods or at lunch time. All vehicles are left at the owner's risk. Students are expected to drive on and around school property in a safe and responsible manner.  Students who fail to use their vehicle in appropriate manor will be subject to progressive school consequences leading to suspension.  Students may also lose their parking privileges and/or be towed.


USS Parking Application


Truancy is absence from school without the approval of a school official, parent(s), or guardian(s). Truancy is a serious infraction of school rules and the Education Act. Automated phones calls are made home, each day, for students who are truant. Absences must be supported by appropriate documentation. Credits may be withheld if students do not meet Ministry of Education requirements. The following procedures may apply for truant students:

  • Conversation with classroom teacher

  • Conversation with Vice-Principal

  • Conversation with Vice-Principal - parent(s) and guardians may be consulted

  • Failure to attend classes, persistent lates, and failing to sign in/out may result in progressive school consequences leading to suspension.