We offer a wide variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular programs for our students. Whether you are interested in athletics, the arts, social clubs, or community service, our school has opportunities for you. For more information about activities available at our school, please contact the main office or the teacher in charge.
Athletic Program Fee: Athletes who want to participate on a school team for Uxbridge Secondary School are required to pay a one time fee (each school year) of $25, payable via School Cash. This allows them to play on a team in each of the 3 Seasons - Money from the Athletic Fee will be spent on Athletic Banquet (Awards, Plaques, Medals, Food) Transportation to and from games, Supply Teachers for multiple coaches & Athletic Program/Team Initiatives

Activity Teacher in Charge Season
Junior Boys Volleyball Mr. Ghafur  Fall
Badminton Team Ms. Buchanan/Ms. Davis  Winter
USS Student Ambassadors Ms. White  All year
Sr. Boys VBall Mr. Ghafur/Mr. Thompson  Fall
Sr. Girls Volleyball Mr. Ghafur/Mr. Thompson  Winter
COED Volleyball Mr. Ghafur  Spring
Curling Team Mr. David/Mr. Hollingshead  Winter
Student Council Mr. David/Mrs. Little  All year
Leadership Committee Ms. Ridgway/Ms. Hewlett/Mr. Thompson  All year
Girls Rugby 7s Mr. McKee  Fall
Girls Hockey Mr. McKee  Winter
Junior Boys Hockey Mr. de Heus  Winter
Girls Rugby 15s Mr. McKee  Spring
S.L.A.M. Mrs. O'Keefe  All year
Wrestling Mr. de Heus/Mr. Clark  Winter
Yearbook Mr. Thompson  All year
Youth for Christ Mr. Walker  All year
Singer/Songwriter Collective Ms. Peck  All year
Senior Concert Band Ms. Peck  All year
Junior Mass Band Ms. Peck  All year
Third Ave Jazz Ensemble Ms. Peck  All year
Cross Country Team Mr. Ferguson/Mr. Lewis/Mr. Gribble/Ms. White  Fall
Improv Club Mr. Grujicich  All year
GSA Mr. Grujicich  All year
Arts Council Mr. Grujicich  All year
Mountain Biking Mr. David/Mr. B. Brown/Mr. Hollingshead  Spring
Best Buddies Mrs. Allison  All year
Climate Action Club Ms. Condy/Ms. Jansma  All year
Tennis Team Ms. Buchanan/Mrs. Little  Fall
Honour Them Well (Verterans Outreach) Mr. Marlatt  All year
Robotics Club Mr. Thompson Fall/Winter
Varsity Golf "Stroke Play" Ms. Davis/Ms. Gillespie Fall
Varsity Golf "Match Play" Ms. Davis/Ms. Gillespie Spring
People Helping People Club Ms. White/Ms. Gillespie All year
Junior Boys Basketball Mr. Ferguson Winter
Senior Boys Basketball Mr. Stackhouse Winter
Junior Girls Basketball Mr. Ferguson/Mr. Stackhouse Fall
Senior Girls Basketball Ms. Johnson/Mr. Pinkerton Fall
Chess Club Ms. Condy All year
Dance Company Ms. Ridgway All year